The hospitality industry’s most critical problems are employment-related.

Most hospitality consultants concur, labor and skills shortages are among the industry’s top 10 challenges. More people are exiting than entering the hospitality workforce, leaving hotels, restaurants and other hospitality businesses short-handed.

Substandard wages are a deterrent to attracting and retaining skilled workers. Long hours, including nights and weekends, make jobs in the industry undesirable career choices for educated individuals who want more flexibility and higher-quality work opportunities. A lack of focus on employee satisfaction and training also has hurt the industry.

At B&B Consult SA we have identified several key transformational points that enable us to help you achieve your HR transformation, these include:

  • Data driven recruiting
  • Relationships not programs
  • Keeping the skills of your workforce up to date
  • Employee engagement
  • Improving the employee experience
  • Focus on well being and resilience
  • Developing the human side of the business.
  • Training and professional development