Hotel bookings have become increasingly challenging. But, they have also become more rewarding. Potential guests are now able to do much more research on properties, prices and locations. Your property benefits from the added exposure, and therefore bookings increase. But how do you ensure that you are getting the most out of your bookings – whether they be from OTAs, direct bookings or over the phone?

The hospitality industry is benefiting from the same distribution strategies that many other industries have had for a long time. Most retailers carry products they do not produce and sell them at varying prices. Online travel agencies (OTAs) essentially do the same thing. They are a marketplace for products (your rooms) that they do not produce and hence do not hold any inventory themselves.

We will guide you through the jungle of Distribution Channels and take care of your e-Commerce from A to Z. As simple as that. Our only goal is to maximize your revenue potential whilst increasing guest satisfaction and optimizing your costs running the entire show.