A hotel room is not just a bed.
The design of a hotel room must enable the intended concept and image created for the hotel to shine through. Hotel room design is one of the most important elements determining whether a client completes the booking process.

As we all know, the internet has enabled customers to browse through an endless choice of hotels without having to do any leg work. The images hotels use to entice prospective customers to book with them is therefore an essential part of the sales process. Nothing speaks louder to them than the interior desing as portrayed in that image.

Naturally, the promise has to materialise once the client steps into the room. The design implementation, choice of materials and the overall engineering of the room – operating the ventilation unit, the number of electrical plugs in the room, ease of use of available technology, entertainment, light switches and whether one can operate a bathroom shower while half asleep – play an incredible role in achieving a positive customer experience.

Our designers, architects and engineers have mastered the very delicate and complex balance in the delivery of simplicity to enable this positive customer experience time and again.