Food and Beverage

The Changing Role of Hotel Food and Beverage

Jacqui Kirk, Dexter Moren Associates

Restaurants in hotels have traditionally been a service reserved primarily just for guests, however, over the past few years we’ve seen a huge shift in both the design and operation of F&B components, as hoteliers realise that additional revenue can be driven from creating public areas which also entice external users.

There is also growing acknowledgement that the F&B element is most successful if run as a separate business entity to the main hotel.

Certainly the luxury hotel scene has been driving this trend through the partnering of high profile chefs. In many of these cases the restaurant’s décor, menu, branding and staffing are managed separately from the hotel itself. This does not mean to say that a disjointed relationship is established, rather quite the opposite.

But it’s not just luxury hotels that are leading the way. Brands like Ace, 25 Hours and numerous boutique hoteliers have all tapped into the art of creating a dining experience for guests. Everything from point of entry to the presentation of menus and interior design are all carefully considered to create a much sought-after and authentic experience.

Customers today are more design savvy than ever before and as such are more aware of and interested in the heritage, culture and values of the restaurant they’re eating in.

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